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Fully automated

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0€ / mo.
  • Try Futinator for free
  • Snipe faster than 95% of other users
  • Manual sniping
  • Bind common actions (Buy now, Search, Change Price, ...) to keys on your keyboard
  • Simple installation
  • No hidden costs
2,79€ / mo.
  • See all features here
  • Snipe faster than in the free version (performance boost)
  • More automated functions than in the free version
  • Snipe and list automatically
  • Discord support
  • No subscription, pay what you use!
Futinator+ (Autobuyer / Bot)
49 € / one-time (for EA Sports FC 24)
  • See all features here
  • Fully automated Autobuyer / Bot
  • Snipes as fast as possible
  • Up to 5 FUT Web App Accounts
  • Flexible settings to avoid captcha
  • 24/7 Discord support
  • One-time payment, no hidden costs
  • Safest, fastest, best and feature-rich autobuyer / bot for FUT 24


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You can find the answers to your questions right here.

You only need two things to get started:
1. A pc or laptop (windows or mac)
2. A FIFA account with transfer market access on the FUT Web App

Aren't you tired of buying expensive FIFA points for a lot of money? Or buying expensive FIFA coins? How about "generating" your own coins? This is what the bot offers you. Start the app with one click and get your coins. And all that for less than 4€ per month.

Even users with limited experience can swiftly achieve a daily profit of 100,000 coins. However, more seasoned snipers have the potential to earn between 500,000 and 1.5 million coins per day. It is crucial to note that these outcomes are contingent upon the prevailing liquidity levels and market intensity.

Futinator+ clearly offers the better price/performance ratio. Futinator+ includes all the functions of Futinator premium plus the option of hands-free sniping (Autobuyer). To get a better picture, take a look at this video:

Futinator is officially supported on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Yes, you can use one license on up to 5 EA accounts.

Yes, there is a (small) risk. EA does not support third-party extensions. However, we have over 3000 active users and permanent account bans are extremely rare. If you only use Futinator and no other tools/apps and do not transfer coins and make captchas wrong, your risk of ban is extremely low. We have users since FUT 19 who never had a ban. It's up to you how responsibly you use Futinator. The worst thing that can normally happen to you is a soft ban for a few hours or verifcations (which can happen even if you are not using Futinator).


We are always there for you.


We are available 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have. Just send us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Our dedicated support team is readily available on Discord, eager to assist you with any inquiries or concerns. We strive to provide prompt responses, usually within an hour. To connect with us, simply click the button below to join our Discord server. Once you've joined, navigate to the "create-a-ticket" channel.

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In addition to our Discord server, we also offer another option for help and support via Instagram. However, we still strongly encourage you to join our Discord server for the best assistance and overall experience.


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